health insurance


The financial cushion an insurance company sets in reserve that’s available to pay customer claims. The surplus is also a measure of its financial strength

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An insurance company’s practice of seeking reimbursement from someone legally responsible for an accident after the insurer has already paid damages on behalf of its

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cheap car insurance

Stop Loss

A type of specialized self-insurance allows employers to pay employees’ healthcare costs up to a certain predetermined amount and then rely on the insurer to

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renters insurance

Standard Auto

A category of auto insurance comprises average, low-risk drivers insured by companies that sell that type of insurance. Though some insurers specialize in high risk

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auto insurance


The financial stability of an insurance company gives it the margin needed to pay policyholder claims. Some of the regulations used to gauge insurers’ solvency

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dental insurance

Secondary Market

A place you can sell life insurance policies you no longer need for a percentage of their face value. A secondary market usually involves an

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car insurance quotes


A list of items “scheduled” or covered under a home insurance policy. Schedules can list specific benefits, assets, charges, credits, and other unique features to

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insurance quotes

Risk Management

The process businesses go through includes analyzing the pure risks they face, gauging the likelihood of financial loss involved in those risks, and taking steps

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home insurance

Rider or Endorsement

A form attached to an insurance policy alters the policy’s coverage, terms, and/or conditions. Used to cover hazards not listed in standard home insurance plans,

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insurance companies


The funds or assets an insurance company holds can be used to pay insurance claims at any given time. Insurers set the reserve aside, along

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