When embarking on a construction project, both property owners and developers face several risks that could potentially lead to financial losses. From thefts to natural disasters, any unexpected event can put your entire investment at risk. This is where Course of Construction Insurance comes in as a savior! Course of Construction Insurance provides coverage against these unforeseen events and helps mitigate the risks involved in construction projects. Here, we’ll explore the benefits of Course of Construction Insurance for property owners and builders alike. So, whether you’re constructing your dream home or developing a commercial property, keep reading to find out how Course of Construction Insurance can help protect your investment.

What is Course of Construction Insurance?

Course of Construction Insurance, also known as Builder’s Risk Insurance, is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for construction projects. This insurance policy covers damages or losses caused by unforeseen events such as thefts, fires, natural disasters and more.

Anyone who works on or around a construction site should consider getting builder’s risk insurance. This includes homeowners who are doing minor repairs on their property or contractors who are hired to do major renovations

The builders risk policy, whether obtained by the owner or the GC, will need to be carefully reviewed, as with any property insurance policy, to make sure that coverage terms (property insured, soft costs, etc.) and perils insured are appropriate for the exposure.

When a loss accrues, including damage to property during construction of a project, the Builders Risk policy may be called upon to provide sufficient funds to repair the damaged Property. 

What Losses are covered under Builders Risk Policy

Additionally, you can add Premises Liability coverage to your Builders Risk Policy.

This is very important coverage because it will protect you if you are being sued as a developer or property owner. Your builder’s risk insurance will also help to pay for your legal fees.

Having adequate Course of Construction Insurance in place can provide peace-of-mind for property owners and builders throughout every stage of a construction project.

What information you need to obtain Builders Risk Insurance:

Coverage Limits:

You can choose the coverage limits and deductibles for your builder’s risk policy. As a rule, your coverage should reflect the value of the project you’re building


Course of construction insurance is essential for property owners and builders alike. It provides protection against unexpected damages or losses that may occur during the construction process. As a property owner or developer, investing in such insurance can provide peace of mind and financial security throughout the project’s duration.

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