Damage or loss resulting from an accident covered by insurance. Depending on the type of insurance coverage, the casualty may involve either damage caused you, damage you cause someone else, or damage due to acts of God. Examples include storm damage to your home, accident damage to your car, personal losses from burglary or robbery, physical injury from a pedestrian accident, or one of countless other liabilities or losses.

The casualty can also involve legal liability. For instance, if your neighbor comes to visit and your dog attacks and bites her, your homeowner’s insurance policy should not only cover her medical bills; it should also pay the cost of your legal defense should she decide to sue you over the incident unexpectedly.

Likewise, if someone acts irresponsibly and causes you to get hurt, let’s say in a car accident-their auto insurance policy should pay for the damages their actions cause you and your vehicle, as well as covering their legal fees if you decide to take them to court.


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