California Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

Renter’s insurance provides coverage for your personal property and liability coverage if someone injured while on your premises sues you. Renters insurance also covers your personal property away from your residence, including in your car. Also, the renter’s policies provide additional living expenses. If a catastrophic event covered by the policy makes the property you are renting uninhabitable, the insurance will pay some of the costs you incur to live somewhere else while the residence is being restored. Landlord’s policy does not provide coverage for the renters’ property.

Renter’s policy does not cover losses resulting from floods or earthquakes. But it is possible to buy coverage for these perils separately.

Renter’s insurance is fairly inexpensive. We can provide you with $25.000 property coverage and $500.000 in liability coverage for $120-$180 a year. The premium varies for different ZIP codes.

We can quote and issue YOUR policy within 5 minutes.

Renter’s coverage has a deductible – the amount you will pay before insurance steps in. The higher the deductible, the less your policy premium will be.

You might consider having the same liability limits on your renter’s policy as you have on your auto insurance policy. Just because you want to make sure your renters’ insurance will cover all your assets if you are sued.

If you are renting with a roommate or roommates, it makes sense’ to include all your roommates on the policy. Make sure to arrange for your insurance to go into effect when you move into your new place.

If you have a dog, you definitely have an excellent reason to call us about getting your renter’s policy.

Discounts are available to those who get Renter’s and Auto or Life policies with the same insurance carrier.


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