California Health Insurance

California Health Insurance

With insurance plans changing all the time and costs constantly increasing, getting the coverage you need at affordable rates can be a real challenge. We will certainly provide you with a few options even though there are hundreds of different programs. Insurance companies specializing in Health coverage “create” so many plans and names for these plans that it brings a lot of confusion into your search for a good policy.

Whether you need it for your family or business, the main concept is simple. There are generally ONLY TWO plans available in the US: PPO or HMO. The rest are just commentaries. You have to know about this stuff and feel which one will fit you better.

Would you like to accept more financial responsibilities by lowering the cost of insurance and having more choices? Good – that’s PPO – Preferred Providers Organization. How about having almost no choice of doctors and hospitals, paying a higher rate, but enjoying almost 100% coverage in most cases? Great- that’s HMO – Health Maintenance Organization.

Imagine which one would make you happier and remember that neither one will ever become better in the long run. We are in medical insurance crisis. Something must be done asap. Still, we will offer you the best available on the market; WHY?

Simply because we don’t need customers, we need clients. Please, refer to our medical insurance articles and quote forms. Try to be healthy, though. Healthcare starts with us.


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