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At our web site you have the opportunity to fill out an on-line auto insurance quote form 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. The information comes to our agent who will quote your auto insurance with many leading car insurance companies such as Safeco, Allied, Travelers, Drive Insurance from Progressive, GMAC, Explorer, and other companies.

Please keep in mind that as your agent, we normally can get better prices to compare to the rates you can obtain directly from some insurance companies’ websites. It happens simply because agents have access to more tools and have more insurance knowledge than a typical website visitor.

Our statistics show that 9 out of 10 car insurance shoppers are looking for inadequate coverage limits, which means they are exposed to major financial losses when getting into major accidents. Before you start shopping for the best price comparing apples to apples, please, make sure you really need the apples, not oranges or kiwis. And the chances are – you are not shopping for the right thing.

Another consideration that you might find important is the best deals and the most coverage you get when your cars and your residence are insured together by the same company by the same insurance agent or broker. We can definitely provide you with a standalone auto insurance policy. But if you own your residence, please, let us quote them along with the cars.

So, use our expertise at no charge to get an adequate auto insurance coverage design. It is a no-obligation offer. With our professionally made design, you are very welcome to either buy coverage through us or shop around and find the insurer of your choice.


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