California Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance

The State of California requires that every employer maintain Worker’s Compensation Insurance coverage if their employees are injured or become ill because of work-related conditions. Whether you are new in business or experiencing a lapse in work comp coverage or are simply looking for a better rate, ABS Insurance & Financial Services can provide you with policies at the best rates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does your small business need workers’ compensation insurance?

State of California require small business to have a policy in place as soon as they hire their first employeeand a payroll Serviced
You can rely on workers’ comp if an employee needs medical care or time off due to a workplace injury – or if an injured employee sues you for failing to prevent an accident.

Does workers’ compensation protect against employee lawsuits?

Most workers’ compensation policies include employer’s Liability Insurance to protect your business if an injured worker files a lawsuit against you for not preventing a workplace accident.

ABS Insurance & Financial Services has access to numerous employers liability insurance providers, including State Fund, AIG, Hartford, Farmers, Everest, CNA, Applied Underwriters, Zenith, ACE, Safeco, Employers Compensation, and Harbor/Fremont. These providers grant work comp benefits such as lost wages, medical expenses, the cost of rehabilitation, and disability payments. Please contact us for information regarding the best policy for your employer’s liability insurance needs.

Failure to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance exposes the employer to pay what the insurer would have paid in addition to various fines. ABS Insurance & Financial Services is cognizant of the need to control an employer’s costs. Worker’s compensation insurance coverage costs can be decreased by ensuring compliance with safety procedures in the workplace, controlling open claims, establishing return-to-work programs in case of injury, and making safety a part of your workplace culture.


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