General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance

ABS Insurance & Financial Services is pleased to respond to your inquiries. Business liability insurance protects a business from accidents that result in personal injury or property damage. It is appropriate for businesses or contractors alike.

Not only does business liability insurance provide coverage for personal injury and property damage accidentally incurred, but a good policy can also reduce the risk of litigation in case of accidents. Whether you require business liability insurance for contractors or a general liability policy, ABS Insurance & Financial Services can provide policies that protect businesses from defects on physical premises of the business, accidental destruction of personal property, and equipment breakdowns as well as personal injury arising out of defamatory statements, wrongful evictions or trade secret violations.

Because business insurance premiums are based on the insurer’s risk in providing coverage, we recommend that the business owner maintain a safe environment on the premises and simultaneously reduce insurance premiums.

Precautionary measures include maintaining bright lighting throughout the premises, keeping passageways clear of wiring and other clutter, good record keeping, comprehensive fire safety practices, and well-trained employees who understand the value of a safe work environment. These steps will reduce premiums for business owners seeking business liability insurance and business liability insurance for contractors. Please direct any inquiries regarding general liability insurance to ABS Insurance & Financial Services.


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