Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

While a Business Owners Policy (BOP) casts a wide net of coverage, a separate policy is often required for motor vehicles. Whether you seek auto insurance for small businesses or large fleets, liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage arising from vehicle accidents is required in most states. Additionally, some states require personal injury protection. ABS Insurance & Financial Services is knowledgeable about California’s requirements for commercial auto insurance policies and can counsel your business appropriately. Please contact us for a free insurance quote.

Basic business auto insurance is provided through the Business Auto Coverage Form (BACF). This type of business auto insurance includes coverage for cars, trucks, trailers, vans, or other vehicles designed for public roads. A separate schedule is issued for each vehicle used by the business, thereby allowing for flexible coverage among different vehicle types. Because commercial vehicles are an integral part of many businesses, ABS Insurance & Financial Services has developed the ability to provide commercial auto insurance tailored to the needs of the business owner by integrating it into a BOP or writing a separate Monoline Auto Policy.

Although ABS Insurance & Financial Services is equipped to cater to Palo Alto Commercial Auto Insurance seekers and business owners’ various needs in its surrounding areas, we do not insure trucks carrying flammable liquids, dump trucks, emergency vehicles, or late model classics.

Whether you need auto insurance for small businesses or you need to ensure a large fleet of vehicles, certain actions can minimize premiums. These include: raising deductibles; omitting collision coverage from the policy; and purchasing vehicles that are easy to maintain. If you seek commercial auto insurance in Palo Alto or the surrounding areas, please contact ABS Insurance & Financial Services.


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