Business Owners Policy

Business Owners Policy

ABS Insurance & Financial Services takes pride in its business insurance policies. For small businesses looking for commercial business insurance, a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is the best. It bundles the coverage needed to conduct operations while keeping premiums to a minimum safely. Individuals seeking commercial business insurance are encouraged to contact us for a free insurance quote.

The protection provided by a BOP is threefold. This type of commercial insurance protects both real and personal property, income lost because of interruptions in business operation, and liability protection. A BOP does not include coverage for professional liability, automobiles, worker’s compensation, or health and disability benefits for your employees. Please contact us for free insurance quotes for separate policies covering these aspects of your business.

For the small to the mid-sized company seeking business insurance, a well-tailored BOP provides a wealth of coverage for a bargain price. Silicon Valley-based businesses will find that ABS Insurance & Financial Services issues business owners’ insurance policies that are comprehensive and comprehensible: each policy is designed to suit the specific business’s needs, and each policy is jargon-free and easy to read.

To maximize the business owner’s insurance, ABS Insurance & Financial Services suggests a comprehensive commercial insurance policy that includes, but is not limited to, coverage for buildings and improvements thereon; the personal property and other physical contents of the business location; business continuation in case of the death of an owner; coverage for criminal acts against the business and other events.

Because business insurance premiums are based on the insurer’s risk in providing coverage, we recommend that the business owner maintain a safe environment on the premises and simultaneously reduce insurance premiums. Precautionary measures include maintaining bright lighting throughout the premises, keeping passageways clear of wiring and other clutter, good record keeping, comprehensive fire safety practices, and well-trained employees who understand the value of a safe work environment.


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