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Why Renters Insurance in California is Important

Monday, January 7th, 2013

If you lost all of your stuff – could you afford to replace it all? Most people can\’t or haven\’t even thought about it for that matter.

Now imagine if something bad happens, such as an earthquake or hurricane and something happens to your house – what will you do?

California renters insurance can help give you the peace of mind that you deserve. You can rest feeling protected that should something bad happen, you will not be facing a huge financial burden. Let\’s count all the ways you are protected

* If some sort of natural disaster such as hurricane, fire, flood, etc. hits in your area and the building you were living in goes under, you are safe. Especially in areas such as California where there is a 99% chance of a major earthquake in the next 30 years, can you afford not to be covered?

* If someone walks by your apartment and slips on some water, they can normally sue you for all of your possessions. Is that something you can afford?

* If someone comes by and breaks into your house and steals everything, can you afford not to have coverage?

* On the same note, someone could be playing baseball and the ball breaks through your window. That\’s one less window you\’ll have to pay for.

* If a painting you put up puts holes in your apartment or some soap you are using causes some mold in the apartment – you are covered there too!

* In fact, renters insurance even covers stuff that is not directly on your property. If you have a car parked in front of your place and someone came by and jacked it – that is covered also! So if you ever have guests over, they can leave their car in your drive way worry free as well!

As you can see, renters insurance can help guard you against all types of additional expenses and decrease your financial burdens. Most homes in California actually require you to buy such insurance when you rent, so why not do some shopping around?

Whether an accident happens on your property, around your property, or even travels through your property and does some damage to your neighbors – you are still covered! Windows, floors, carpets, walls, flood, fire, electric breakdown, robbery, theft, earthquake – whatever happens, you\’ll never have to worry about your apartment again.

Getting good renters insurance in California


is a must. There are some things that are covered that you may not even be aware of. For example, if one of your friends come over and throw a ball and breaks your neighbors window – even that is covered. The policy is designed to ensure that no matter what happens on or aorund the property you have rented, you won\’t be liable.

Can you really afford to worry about having to pay for an apartment fix up if a wall breaks down from your screw? What about a random electric surge that burns out your fridge? Or a fire that burns down the apartment?

With renters insurance, you\’ll even get reimbursement for food & transportation while you find a new place to live!

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Top 10 Excuses From Drivers Caught Using Phones

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, a Canadian auto insurer, released last week a list of top excuses from local motorists when they were caught using handheld cellphones while driving.

The insurer compiled the information with help from the local police department, which went on a month-long crackdown in September on distracted driving. Police estimate they issued more than 3,500 tickets.

Motorists getting distracted by holding a cellphone in one hand and making or receiving calls while driving is also a common problem in the United States.

Since the first law was passed in New York in 2001 banning handheld cellphone use while driving, there has been debate as to the degree of hazard, according to the New York-based Insurance Information Institute.

A survey conducted by State Farm in November 2010 found that 74 percent reported making or receiving calls at least once a week while driving.

Here are the top 10 excuses the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia compiled of local drivers who were caught using handheld phone devices while driving:

1. This is a bogus law.

2. It was my boss on the phone – I had to answer it.

3. I wasn’t using it – I just like to hold it.

4. Sorry officer, I didn’t see you trying to pull me over because I was on my phone.

5. But it was an emergency call to my wedding planner.

6. My Bluetooth died.

7. Driver: I’m using my speakerphone. Police officer: No, you’re holding your phone in one hand and steering with the other.

8. I’m not driving; I was stopped at a red light.

9. I wasn’t talking, I was checking my messages.

10. I was just checking the time.